Ki-Ki Plus

Ki-Ki Plus

Country of Origin: Croatia

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat (soybean oil), gelatin, acid: critric acid, fruit powder 0.5% (strawberry, sour cherry, lemon, pineapple and different types of fruit), natural flavors, humectant: glycerol, colouring extracts of fruits and plants (elderberry juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, curcuma), vitamin C (80 mg/100 g/100%)

Allergy Info: May contain gluten

Ki-Ki Plus are fruit-flavored, square shaped toffee candies that are soft and chewy in texture (similar to a Starburst.) Ki-Ki candies are one of the most popular candies in Serbia and Croatia, these particular candies are called Ki-Ki plus because they are enriched with vitamin C, which make them a more healthier snack alternative as a candy.

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