Napolitanke Mocca

Napolitanke Mocca

Country of Origin: Croatia

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat (soybean oil and palm oil) or vegetable fat (palm oil and shea oil), coffee 2%, fat reduced cocoa powder, fully hydrogenated vegetable fat (soybean oil), lactose (milk), salt, acidity regulator sodium bicarbonate

Allergy Info: May contain hazelnuts and soya

The Napolitanke by Kras is the most famous wafer product in Serbia and Croatia. The Napolitanke also has the added health beneit of being low in sodium and low in fat. The Napolitanke Mocca one of the flavors in the Napolitanke product line. Specifically, it is a wafer with coffee-flavored filling - perfect for coffee lovers although the coffee taste is not too strong. It is crunchy in texture and lightly sweet in taste. Like other European cookies and wafers, it’s often eaten with a cup of coffee or tea.

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