Himemaru (Rice Crackers) by Amanoya

Himemaru (Rice Crackers) by Amanoya

Country of Origin: Philippines

Ingredients: Rice, palm oil, sugar, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), high fructose corn syrup, spice, seaweed, salt, flavouring (contains soy), modified starch (wheat, tapioca, corn), flavouring enhancer (e21, e635), colour (e150a)

Allergy Information: Contains soy and wheat

Amanoya is one of Japan’s premier rice cracker companies, and the Himemaru is one of their main products. Himemarus are golden-hued, deep-fried rice crackers in the shape of a shell. Crunchy with a light soy sauce flavor, this treat achieves the perfect balance between sweet and salty while retaining a incredibly crispy and fresh texture.

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