Jagabee Potato Crisps by Calbee

Jagabee Potato Crisps by Calbee

Country of Origin: Japan

Ingredients: Potato, vegetable oil, sugar, flavour enhancers [e621, e635], seaweed, salt, starch, lactose, soya sauce powder, flavour, maltodextrin, hydrolysed vegetable protein, spices, anti-caking agent [e551], sweetener [e951], vitamin c, emulsifier [e473]

Allergy Info: Contains gluten, soya bean and milk. Produced in a factory where crustacean, egg, fish, peanut, and nut products are also handled

These are soy-sauced flavored potato crisps that look like french fries. Baked, not fried, they contain less oil then your average fried potato chips. Jagabee crisps are crunchier then french fries and being flavored in soy sauce, they tastes different than other potato chips we've tried!

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