Choco Pie by Orion

Choco Pie by Orion

Country of Origin: Korea

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup, shortening, hydrogenated vegetable oil, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, sodium bicabonate, ammonium bicarbonate, beef gelatin, salt, calcium phosphate, soya lecithin, vanillin, milk protein, whole egg

Allergy Info: Contains milk, wheat, egg and soy

The Choco Pie by Orion is a layered chocolate biscuit, with a cake layer sandwiching marshmallows in the center. There are two well known brands of Choco Pie in Korea. In addition to the Choco Pie by Orion, there is also a Choco Pie by Lotte. Choco pies are extremely popular in Asia, although it’s original inspiration was an American snack called the moon pie (a noticeable difference between Choco Pie and Moon Pie is that the Choco Pie’s filling is soft while the Moon Pie’s graham-cracker filling is hard.)

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