Choco Boy by Orion

Choco Boy by Orion

Country of Origin: Korea

Ingredients: Confectionery glaze (sugar, cbs, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, lactose, emulsifiers (lecithin, sorbitan tristearate, polyglycerol esters of interesterified ricinoleic acid), flavour (vanillin)), wheat flour, special purpose fat, water, sugar, invert sugar syrup, leavening agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), corn starch, salt, flavour (vanillin), omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids preparation, colour (beta-carotene)

Allergy Info: Contains milk, wheat and soy. May contain almond peanut

Choco Boys are snacks chocolate tipped biscuits in the form of a mushroom. It has a crunchy texture and the taste of the biscuit is nicely balanced with the chocolate. Choco Boys are a Korean interpretation of a snack in Japan called "Kinoko No Yama.” The Choco Boy package features a mascot of a walking Choco Boy, and this mascot makes this a particularly popular treat for kids. The Choco Boy may also be a healthy snack, for Orion claims that Choco Boy biscuits are enriched with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is an omega-3 fatty acid serving a critical component of brain and nerve cell membranes.

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