Ghost Pops by Simba

Ghost Pops by Simba

Country of Origin: South Africa

Ingredients: Maize, refined vegetable oil (palm fruit & maize germ) with TBHQ, salt, sugar, spices (irradiated), acidity regulators (E330, E262, E296), MSG [flavour enhancer (E621)], fruit powder, vegetable powders (onion, garlic), hydrolysed vegetable protein (soya), yeast (inactive), anticaking agent (E551), vegetable oil (sunflower seed), flavourings, colourants (E122, E142), flavour enhancers (E631, E627), sodium saccharin [(E954) non-nutritive sweetener], yeast extract

Allergy Info: Contains soya. May contain genetically modified ingredient

Ghost Pops are a very popular snack in South Africa. Ghost Pops are "maize pops"  which means they’re made of corn. They are essentially roasted maize, coated in tomato and mixed with spices, herbs, and onions. Marketed as a “mouth quivering experience” and reported by snackers "to melt in your mouth", this snack necessary to get the full South African snacking experience.

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