Blue Label Marie Biscuits by Bakers

Blue Label Marie Biscuits by Bakers

Country of Origin: South Africa

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, unhydrogenated vegetable oil, invert syrup, butter milk, milk solids, salt, eggs, raising agent (acid sodium pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate), emulsifier, (e322 [soya]), flour improver, (sodium metabisulphite), proteolytic enzyme

Allergy Info: Contains wheat, milk, eggs and soy

Blue Label Marie Biscuits are perhaps the most popular biscuits in South Africa. The story of Marie Biscuits is an interesting one. Created at the onset of the British biscuit industry in the 1850s, it was named after Marie Romanov (a princess of Russia). The biscuit has a border around its edge known as a “key” pattern, which is a common pattern in Russia and seen in the designs many official buildings in Russia.

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