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About Treats

Some Members of the Treats Family

Treats Team includes volunteer "Grandmas" who provide nurture and care to disabled individuals whom work at Treats as part of Hope Services

Treats is a subscription box for international snacks. Every month, we curate a box of the tastiest snacks we can find from a different country, and send them to your door.

The idea for Treats first came to me when I was standing in the shopping aisle of a grocery store in China. I was shopping for some of the favorite snacks I enjoyed in my childhood when I thought to myself "it's a shame people outside of this country will probably never get a chance to experienced these snacks. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to bring it to them?" From that thought, Treats was born.

Today, Treats is not just about tasting delicious new snacks and experiencing flavors you never knew existed, it's an experience that's also about learning and exploring the cultures of different countries with the help of a universal language -- food -- and for us, Treats is about bringing you joy and happiness every month when you receive and unbox your Treats box and enjoy it and hopefully share it with your friends and family. I speak for the Treats team when I say that we are all honored to explore the world with you together through Treats!

- Daniel, Founder at Treats