Jos Louis by Vachon

Jos Louis by Vachon

Country of Origin: Canada

Ingredient: Sugar/glucose-fructose, enriched wheat flour, vegetable oil (contains modified palm and modified palm kernel oils), egg blend (liquid whole eggs, liquid egg whites and liquid egg yolks), glycerin, water, baking powder, modified starches (wheat, corn), salt, modified milk ingredients, propylene glycol, soy protein, sorbitan monostearate, gums (cellulose, guar, xanthan), polysorbate 60, Potassium sorbate, corn starch, Sorbic acid, sodium bisulphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, soy lecithin, mono and diglycerides

Allergy Info: Contains milk. May contain peanuts and/or nuts

The Jos Louis is one of the most recognizable snacks in Canada. It was created in 1932 and named after the two sons of the creator, Joseph and Louis. The Jos Louis is a sponge cake composed of a creamy, vanilla-flavoured filling, and covered with milk chocolate. By 1983 it’s parent company had sold its ten billionth cake. And as of 2006, all trans fat has been removed from the Jos Louis cake. The Jos Louis has been described by some to be the Canadian equivalent of Hostess cakes.

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