Cheezies by WT Hawkins

Cheezies by WT Hawkins

Country of Origin: Canada

Ingredients: Corn meal, soya oil, salt, cheese (Milk ingredients, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride and color (contains tartrazine))

Allergy Info: Contains soy and milk

Cheezies are a cheese curl snack made from aged cheddar, invented shortly after World War 2. The inventors of Cheezies invented the snack when they discovered (by trial and error) a method of extracting cornmeal by casting it into shapes. They then deep fried it in vegetable shortening, and sprinkled it with genuine Cheedar cheese, and thus the Cheezie was made. Cheezies come in different shapes and it is said that no two Cheezie pieces are alike. Cheezies also have the added health benefit of being gluten free.

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