Tortica Wafer

Tortica Wafer

Country of Origin: Croatia

Ingredients: Chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifiersL soya lecithin, polyglicerol-polyricinoleate, artificial carbonate, artificial vanilla flavor. Cocoa solids min. 48% in chocolate coating. Cocoa solids min. 36.5% in chocolate.)

Allergy Info: May contain hazelnuts

Tortica Wafers are wafers covered in chocolate. Packaged in individual sealed wrappers, they are fresh and crunchy to the taste. They are especially popular in Serbia and Croatia, particularly with young consumers. They are also popular for people to buy and carry around due to its small size and packaging, as a treat the can eat while on the go.are a popular treat to carry around during your day

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