Tayto Chips by Largo Foods

Tayto Crisps by Largo Foods

Country of Origin: Ireland

Ingredients:  Potatoes, vegetable oils: rapeseed oil, sunflower oil; cheese and onion flavour (onion powder, yeast powder, cheese powder (milk), flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate; wheat flour, salt)

Allergy Info: Contains milk and wheat

Tayto Crisps are the most popular potato chips in Ireland. Fun fact: The inventor of Tayto Crisps, Joe Murphy, also invented the first flavored crisp production process (an innovation in chip production.) Tayto Crisps are a brand that is embedded in Ireland’s culture. An example of this is in the fact that, because Ireland is politically divided between Northern and Southern Ireland, there are two Tayto Crisp companies. One in Northern Ireland and one in Southern Ireland. The Irish just can’t go without their Tayto Crisps! The story behind the two Tayto companies is this: The original Tayto Crisp company was created in 1954 by Joe Murphy and was based in South Ireland. In 1956 the Hutchinson family licensed the name and recipes of Tayto Crisps and formed Tayto Crisp company in Northern Ireland. Both companies offer Cheese and Onion flavored crisps as their signature flavors.

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