Biarritz by Delacre

Biarritz by Delacre

Country of Origin: Belgium

Ingredients: Bittersweet chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, butteroil, lactose, soy lecithin added as emulsifier), unbleached wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil (palm and/or canola oil), coconut, nonfat milk, dried egg whites, and flavoring

Allergy Info: Contains wheat, milk, egg, coconut and soy. Made in a facility that uses tree nuts

Biarritz cookies are vanilla cookies with dark chocolate and coconut sprinkles. These cookies are made in Belgium and are dipped in Belgium chocolate (Belgium produces some of the chocolates in the world). The cookie is further finished with coconut sprinkles. The coconut and chocolate blend together to form a taste that is rich in flavor but not too sweet.

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