Twisties by Smith's

Twisties by Smith's

Country of Origin: Australia

Ingredients: Cereals (corn, rice), vegetable oil, whey powder, cheese powder, salt, flavour enhancer (621), hydrolysed vegetable protein, flavour, yeast extract, cream powder, milk powder, natural colours (carotene, paprika extract), food acid (lactic acid)

Allergy Info: Contains milk, gluten, soy, cereals

Twisties are a kind of cheese curl, corn-based treat popular in Australia and parts of Asia. It was initially introduced in 1950 by the General Foods Corporation, but the brand is currently owned by Frito-Lay. Twisties go through a unique manufacturing process. According to Wikipedia, "Twisties are produced by feeding a mix of milled corn, rice, wheat and water into a machine known as a rotary head or random extruder. This machine cooks the mix at high temperature and pressure whilst forming the pieces. This process results in the characteristic Twisties shape with the knobbly surface and squiggly shape. After forming, the pieces are oven baked before being flavoured with a coating of seasoning and vegetable oil.” Twisties are known for their slogan "Life's pretty straight without... Twisties."

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