Strawberry Giant Caplico

Strawberry Giant Caplico

Country of Origin: Japan

Ingredients: Sugar, powdered milk, lactose (milk), vegetable oil, cocoa butter, waffle cone (wheat flour, starch, sugar, vegetable oil, yeast extract, salt), cacao mass, powdered skimmed milk, powdered fermented milk, emulsifier (soy bean), colouring (red beet, caramel), flavouring, leavening agent, acidulantcocoa powder, salt

Allergy Innformation: Contains, wheat and soy

The Giant Caplico is a giant version of the Caplico Stick. It looks like a giant ice cream cone but instead of containing ice cream, it contains a thick and fluffy layer of strawberry filling. If you like Strawberry, you’re in luck. If you like Chocolate, even better! For beneath outer strawberry is an inner layer chocolate filling. The Giant Caplico may not be an actual ice cream cone, but its just as awesome.

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