Baked Shrimp Chips by Calbee

Baked Shrimp Chips by Calbee

Country of Origin: Japan

Ingredients: Wheat flour, canola oil, modified food starch, shrimp, salt, monosodium glutamate

Allergy Info: Contains shrimp, and is made in a facility that also manufactures products containing soy, milk and fish

Virtually unheard of in America, Shrimp Chips and are one of the most popular snacks in Asia. You might be thinking “Shrimp flavor? I don’t know about that.” I assure you, for shrimp lovers or haters alike, these chips are incredible, it will probably win you over. These chips are baked, and this gives them crispy texture. As the name implies, there is a light, yet satisfying shrimp flavor to these chips. If you like seafood, you will love shrimp chips.

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